Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Deadly B-52

I was at a party lastnight and someone had Patron Coffie there, never having it before I saw that it had a much higher proof than Kaluah. I substituted Kaluah for it in a B-52 to make it much more stronger.  I assume that you could also find a orange liqueur with a higher proof also to make this even more effective.

1/3 Patron Coffie
1/3 Baileys
1/3 Grand Marnier


  1. Oh man this looks so delicious brother, can you review a rocky mountain bear fucker for all us canadians!

  2. Okey, I will try to find one at the lcbo tomorrow, or you could send me some. :D

  3. damn dude i like this review

    (btw do you really think "Speak Her Sex" is the best track on Trunk Muzik?)

  4. That coffee liquor stuff always gives me mad runny shits. Beer and ganj for me.