Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cement Mixer

I picked up Chambord and Lychee liqueur today when I was in Chinatown today picking up a whetstone and decided to look into a Liqueur store and see what unique things they had.  I saw them onsale to see what I could make of them.  I got home and tried combining and nothing was working.  I made a Cement Mixer to get the juices flowing and low and behold a decent shot.  Lychee drinks will come later...

1oz Bailys
1oz Chambord
1. Drink the shot of Bailys and keep it in your mouth
2. Drink the Chambord
3. Shake your head like a madman

 4. Swallow

P.S. Does that not look like the holy handgrenade?


  1. I thought it was the Holy Handgrenade when I looked at it. :\

  2. Lindemans makes a Kriek lambic which would go really well with Bailey's, I think.

  3. Lol at Satan. Now I cant get that freaking movie out my head. Good one! haha :D Great stuff man!

  4. more of a scotch man myself
    still, who cant love baileys?